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E-commerce / shopping web sites

If you have a product or service you want to sell online we can help!

Midweb have been creating e-commerce web sites for nearly 15 years and can integrate with any payment portal you like - from Barclays to SagePay or PayPal - the choice is yours!

What are my options?

Different solutions suit different companies - for example, if you sell items which you manufacture yourself or are sure to be in stock, you can quickly and easily utilise PayPal to take payment and you will receive notification that the money has cleared so you can dispatch the goods.

However, if for example you have a specialsit book shop and you don't know for sure that the item advertised will be in stock, rather than take payment automatically only to have to issue a refund later, our shopping basket option will allow your web site to securely collect the credit card details to be processed later - you can then advertise the fact that "no money will be taken from your card until your goods are despatched" - this can re-inforce customer trust!


One of our other products is EasyEpos - this effectively links your web site to your actual shop. For example if you have a mobile phone shop, and have three Blackberry Bold 9900's in stock - this can show on your web site. If you sell one in your shop via our EasyEpos system, it will automatically reduce the stock level on your web site. Conversely, if someone buys one of the phones on your web site, an order will print out automatically on your in-store printer so that you or a member of staff can take the item off display ready for dispatch!

[ click here ] for more information on EasyEpos!